Edinburgh Horror Tours
Gallows To Grave Ghost Hunt

Our Edinburgh Ghost Tours aren’t just scary, they’re terrifying!

But, like any good tour it has the ability to make you laugh. Albeit a very nervous laugh! On this tour, many have had real ghost and poltergeist experiences, some discovering physical marks with long deep scratches being the most common. Our Ghost Tour mixes incredible history, dark humour and fascinating stories of Auld Edinburgh streets and closes. Our 18th Century Guide will share his knowledge of old Edinburgh with a deeper level of the dark side of Edinburgh than most others. Murders, public hangings, witch-hunts and torture took place in this city. Plagues,
fires and miserable living conditions all play a part in why this city is deemed to be the most haunted in Britain.

Finally, enter the locked Covenanters’ Prison and the Dark Mausoleum, the most haunted site of them all. Capture on camera the “Sea of Faces” coming through the ancient stonework in the tomb.

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