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Join Edinburgh Horror Tours uncovering the dark, macabre past of Old Edinburgh with an Edinburgh Tours.

Be prepared to be enthralled and entertained by the best Edinburgh Tours with Edinburgh Horror Tours. Step by bloody step you are spirited back to that spine chilling era of horror. Learn about some of the two hundred crimes that could earn you that short walk to the gallows. Let Edinburgh Tours show you why a plague all but wiped out the city’s inhabitants. Visit the actual streets, closes and wynds where Burke and Hare trawled, looking for their next victim. Stand on the very site where criminals were put to death by public execution. You can’t get any better Edinburgh Tours than this…

Edinburgh Tours will show you the haunted side of Auld Edinburgh. Follow our Horrific Edinburgh tours to Greyfriars’ Cemetery, where you will hear the tear jerking story about the wee dog, Greyfriars’ Bobby. Discover why one set of grave robbers was frightened to death and of the Covenanters who were imprisoned, tortured then murdered there.

Finally, the most thrilling Edinburgh Tours – enter the locked Covenanters’ prison and the Dark Mausoleum, the most haunted site of them all. Capture on camera the “Sea of Faces” coming through the ancient stonework in the tomb. Meet us on the Royal Mile, outside the Fringe Box Office / Police Museum, where The Deacon will take you on our nerve wracking History & Ghost Tour through streets and closes of old Edinburgh.

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